The Ministry of Culture and Tourism strictly supervises the commercial performance market

Date: 2018-06-13 View: 67

In order to strengthen the supervision of the commercial performance market, the ministry of culture and tourism has recently taken the commercial performance with high social attention and large audience as the focus, strictly checked and regulated the content of the performance and the performance ticketing operations, investigated and dealt with a number of major cases in the commercial performance market, and standardized the operation order of the commercial performance market.

The ministry of culture and tourism listed a number of commercial performances with high social attention as the key objects of supervision, and deployed special law enforcement inspection, focusing on the inspection of whether the content of the performances is in compliance with the minimum number of songs, and whether the performances are changed. Relevant regional cultural administrative departments and comprehensive law enforcement agencies of the cultural market shall be deployed to hold talks with the host units of performances and the operating units of performance ticketing, express the requirements of laws, regulations and supervision, strengthen on-site supervision, ensure that performances are in compliance with laws and regulations, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The ministry of culture and tourism has deployed special law enforcement inspections on commercial performance ticketing operators, focusing on whether they have the qualification to operate commercial performance ticketing, whether they have obtained the authorization or entrustment of the performance hosting units, whether they have price markup sales, and whether they provide services for institutions and individuals to resell tickets. We deployed and carried out a special campaign to clean up more than 2,600 online shops that violated the regulations, and deployed 19 regions, including Beijing and Shanghai, to investigate and punish 143 online shops that violated the regulations and engaged in ticketing operations. Current, net inn of main ticket wu basically realizes holding card to sell a ticket, market order changes apparently.

For part of the show host unit fails to perform the legal obligations, without approval to sell tickets, do STH without authorization to engage in business activities of commercial performances irregularities, such as deployment of culture and tourism in sichuan province, heilongjiang province, Harbin city of nanning city, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, ningxia hui autonomous region, yinchuan, cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies in accordance with the law to examine a batch of major cases show market.

The reporter learns from the culture and the culture of tourism market, the next step, culture and tourism ministry will continue to strengthen market regulation of commercial performances, the focus of social attention high peg commercial performance, sympathetic content and site safety performance, to hunt down illegal conduct performance would be to ticket market, protecting the legal rights and interests of consumers and standardize the order of market management of commercial performances.

The ministry of culture and tourism has also announced a number 12318 and a reporting platform for the commercial performance market.

Ministry of culture and tourism recently supervised the commercial performance market major cases

-- hangzhou from culture communication co, LTD in ningxia hui autonomous region yinchuan helan mountain stadium concerts singer Jacky cheung, based in yinchuan, yinchuan sports center stadium safety does not have under the condition of large mass activities, illegal to show host units provide certificates, yinchuan has to those responsible suspended the investigation. The invitation letter sent to zhang xueyou by the publicity department of yinchuan municipal committee of the communist party of China to the cultural department of ningxia hui autonomous region provided by Beijing dongqi culture media co, ltd. is a forged one. The xi 'an branch of Beijing hongma media culture development co, ltd. sold tickets without permission before the performance was approved. The comprehensive law enforcement team of yinchuan cultural market in ningxia hui autonomous region filed a case for investigation in accordance with the law and proposed to impose a heavier administrative penalty according to law.

-- in the singer zhang xx's concert held by chengdu performing arts group co, LTD, chengdu performing arts group co, ltd. failed to fulfill its statutory obligations to determine the ticket price and the income and expenditure settlement of the performance; Huoerguos China play red horse media culture development co, LTD, Beijing cultural development co, LTD, chengdu branch, in the spring and autumn in Beijing yongle culture communication co, LTD, chengdu branch, Shanghai national flag network technology co, LTD, Shanghai love network technology co, LTD, Shanghai praise network technology co, LTD, not show host units entrust authorized, to sell performance tickets; Henan shengxing culture communication co, LTD, Beijing youpiao technology co, LTD. The sichuan provincial department of culture imposed administrative penalties on the nine units, totaling 255,000 yuan.

Surprise - guangxi culture media co, LTD, do not have any commercial performance ticket management qualification, in "taobao" sales of commercial performance tickets, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, nanning Wen Guangxin bureau on the basis of the "regulations on the administration of commercial performances" the provisions of article 43, plans to give the parties in accordance with the law to confiscate the illegal income 18911 yuan, the administrative penalty of fine of $151288.

Qilixiang ticketing co, LTD. - changzhou through organization personnel to snap up, buy from others get show ticket and resell, involving some tickets for a concert 812, singer on suspicion of do STH without authorization to engage in commercial performances ticketing business activities, changzhou city, jiangsu province cultural comprehensive administrative law enforcement team proposed in accordance with the law to give ticketing co, LTD. Changzhou qi li xiang his unlawful income confiscated and high limit imposed administrative punishments.

--Harbin must ask in culture media co, LTD, do not have the subject qualification of commercial performances, in the middle of the theme park wanda Harbin theater without authorization for any commercial performance, singer zhang x on the basis of the "regulations on the administration of commercial performances" the provisions of article 43 of Harbin in heilongjiang province cultural market comprehensive law enforcement bureau in accordance with the law given administrative punishment penalty by the parties.