The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has organized a special campaign to rectify the order of summer tourism market throughout the country.

Date: 2018-06-10 View: 75

On May 29, culture and tourism held in Beijing summer tourism market order rectification of deployment mobilization meeting, for the upcoming summer tourist season, a nationwide organization to carry out the three months of the tourism market order rectification "sword action", the key specification one-day tour of outbound travel, border tourism, market order, crack down on unreasonable low price and illegal illegal business travel agency business.

The "sword action" will be in two directions for outbound tourists and tourism destination, aiming at illegal case investigation, through "v turn", "line turn punishment" efforts, concentrate on compel or in a disguised manner compel consumption and use of the Internet, from the media and outdoor club form of illegal business travel agency business and other illegal activities; And give full play to the comprehensive tourism market regulatory mechanisms, continuous improvement "black car", "black guide", "black society" and the "joint", to ensure the safety of the masses of tourists to travel, to promote tourism service quality improvement, to purify tourism consumption environment, strengthening the people's travel get feeling and happiness, further reveal the livelihood of the people of tourism value.

At the same time, the ministry of culture and tourism will also deploy to carry out civilized tourism "additional points for China, the linkage of 100 cities" special activities, asked the local tourism authorities to strengthen publicity and education work, guide the majority of tourists rational consumption, civilized travel, consciously resist uncivilized behavior, do not participate in the "unreasonable low price tour". Tourism enterprises are required to strictly carry out the main responsibility of civilized tourism. Tour guides and tour guides should earnestly assume the responsibilities of civilized tourism guides and volunteers, actively convey positive energy, and consciously maintain the national image.