The Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday has attracted nearly 100 million visitors from all over the country. Agricultural tourism has become a new bright spot.

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People in Beijing on September 25 (Tian Hu) Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation baton yesterday, during the holiday, the national tourism activities is rich, by the China tourism academy (cultural and tourism data center) integrated communications operators, online travel service and travel department data, the reception of domestic tourists during the Mid-Autumn festival holiday 97.9 million person-time, domestic tourism income of 43.5 billion yuan. Meanwhile, as this year's Mid-Autumn festival coincides with the opening of the first "harvest festival for Chinese farmers", agricultural tourism has become a new highlight across the country.

"Mid-Autumn" meets "harvest" with hot agricultural tourism

"Good Mid-Autumn festival, reunion after a month." The Mid-Autumn festival is a time for family reunion. In addition to family reunion, many tourists choose to spend the festival in mountains and rivers. The Mid-Autumn festival is located in the summer vacation tourist peak season and the National Day holiday period, in the long-distance traveling reduces, the short range family traveling occupies the proportion is high. Tourist destinations with traditional folk characteristics, such as scenic spots, ancient towns and old streets, have welcomed a large number of surrounding tourists. The first "Chinese farmers harvest festival" opened, agricultural tourism has become a new highlight.

Among them, Beijing received a total of 3.954 million people in the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, an increase of 4.7%. The revenue of the scenic spot reached 127 million yuan, an increase of 11.5 percent year on year. Among them, the historical and cultural scenic spot received 1.22 million tourists, an increase of 9.7 percent year on year. The 97 scenic spots that were included in the key monitoring of guizhou province received a total of 2.5472 million tourists, with ticket revenue of 4.18435 million yuan and comprehensive income of 1.685 billion yuan. During festivals, the scenic spots such as qingyan ancient town, muoge ancient city, xijiang qianjiang miao village, ancient town and danzhai wanda town received more than 10,000 tourists every day.

In addition, various regions in the Mid-Autumn festival at the same time, also launched a wealth of agricultural tourism activities. Chongqing wulong, hubei huangpi jinli gully and other scenic spots held "farmers harvest festival" activities after the Mid-Autumn festival to allow visitors to experience the happiness of agricultural products harvest. "China agricultural harvest festival" is held in kaiyang county, tongzi county, jinsha county, weining county, xingyi wanfeng forest and other places in guizhou province, and various farming and picking activities are carried out. Taizhou city, jiangsu province, kiddle crab is on the market, and there are some delicious varieties such as qinghu kiddle crab and xinghua red friddle crab, which are coveted, and local "the first kiddle market festival of qinghu crab village in 2018" has attracted a large number of tourists from all over the country.

Traditional activities are held across the country to highlight the Mid-Autumn festival culture

During the Mid-Autumn festival, various regions focus on the inheritance and innovation of excellent Chinese cultural traditions, and launch colorful folk festival activities and holiday tourism products. The Mid-Autumn festival Lantern Festival is rich in folk activities such as rabbit doll, moon worship and lantern riddle guessing. In order to attract the attention of Chinese tourists, a series of themed activities have been staged in various overseas tourist destinations to jointly celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival in China, which has been well received by the majority of tourists.

Henan province launched the "2018 henan Mid-Autumn elegant moon appreciation and hearing", with the magnificent southern taihang mountains and waters as the background, with the pre-qin unearthed ancient Musical Instruments and ancient music score restoration performance throughout the audience, with "a thousand people recite Mid-Autumn poetry" as the highlight, for tourists to offer a spread of "hometown of henan" characteristics of the Mid-Autumn festival culture folk festival. Beijing jingshan park has launched a series of activities to spread traditional Chinese culture. The first 2018 China guizhou dragon palace poetry festival will be held in anshun dragon palace scenic spot, guizhou. Longli county, qiannan prefecture will hold the activity of "enjoying the moon in the Mid-Autumn festival · shuanglong town" to spread local ethnic culture. Yantai, shandong province held the "moon is the hometown of Ming" - yantai people Mid-Autumn festival activities, longkou city launched the "full moon Mid-Autumn festival - full feelings of the south mountain" series of activities, spring city jinan held the "autumn moon in the spring" literary evening.

During the Mid-Autumn festival, Thailand offers wongyingong mooncakes to tourists for free. Iguazu, Rio DE janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo celebrated the arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival with "moon moon festival symphony concert".

No major or major brigade safety accidents occurred

Before the festival, the ministry of culture and tourism issued the "notice on effectively doing a good job in 2018 Mid-Autumn festival National Day holiday safety work", issued safety and tourism tips, carry out safety inspection. During the Mid-Autumn festival holiday, all localities should be on duty and on duty to deal with security emergencies in a timely manner. As of 17 PM on September 24, the national tourism market was running smoothly, with timely handling of travel related incidents and no major travel related safety accidents.

It is understood that during the holiday, the main leaders of the qinghai provincial tourism committee led the team, and the heads of the relevant departments to the province's a-level scenic spots, star hotels, tourism distribution centers, rural tourism reception, etc. The Inner Mongolia tourism commission has deployed holiday tourism work in advance, and deployed personnel on duty to prepare for emergencies related to tourism at any time to ensure the smooth operation of the whole region's holiday tourism market. During the Mid-Autumn festival holiday in Beijing, a total of 7710 law enforcement personnel and 1,543 vehicles were dispatched, 161 tourist vehicles were inspected, 213 tourist guides were inspected, 102 tourist groups were inspected, and 1,934 various tourist and business enterprises were inspected. The public security bureau of jinxiu yao autonomous county in guangxi zhuang autonomous region has set up a tourism police brigade to strengthen the inspection during the festival, accept the alarm and help from tourists, deal with complaints related to tourism, and actively provide tourism services for tourists.

In addition, the national region-wide tourism information system covers all 5A scenic spots and 70% of 4A scenic spots, providing comprehensive and timely services for tourists. With the continuous promotion of smart tourism open platform, tourism is becoming more and more relaxed.

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