The first case of bamboo shoot destruction in the scenic area was punished

Date: 2018-04-19 View: 61

On April 19, the law enforcement bureau of the langya mountain management committee punished the first case of bamboo shoots destruction in langya mountain scenic spot this year, severely criticized and educed the people involved in bamboo shoots destruction, and fined them 50 yuan according to relevant regulations of "regulations on langya mountain scenic spot in chuzhou city".

19 April at 1:00 PM: 30, the bamboo shoots of quality property management personnel in the bamboo shoots management patrol found when citizens a so-and-so carry child into the alert zone pictures of bamboo, and put the bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest destruction, found that after this, the bamboo shoots management personnel contact management committee enforcement of law enforcement officers on duty at noon, law enforcement officers on the destruction of bamboo shoots the zhang so-and-so harsh criticism education, because of the mistaken attitude is better, and the bamboo shoots are destroyed, unable to recover, in accordance with the regulations on the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot of chuzhou regulations, fifty dollars in fines on the parties, at the same time, request the parties in the process of scenic Tours, care for their children as well, Avoid similar incidents.

This is the first case of the bureau's fine for digging and damaging green plants since March 2018, when it launched a special campaign to ban digging and damaging green plants. It is also the first case of bamboo shoots destruction found since 2018.

In the next step, the bureau will continue to strictly abide by the regulations on scenic spots in langya mountain, chuzhou, and punish the units or individuals that dig or destroy green plants within the scenic area, so that the legislation can be implemented and the ecological resources of the scenic area can be effectively protected.