Zhang zheng, deputy director of the standing committee of ma 'anshan people's congress and his delegation came to langya mountain to investigate the legislative work

Date: 2018-06-14 View: 60


On June 4th, maanshan city people's congress standing committee, deputy director of the chapter is a line of 10 people, in chuzhou Wang Yue, deputy director of the standing committee of National People's Congress standing committee li, director of the committee members Tan Qiyuan, standing committee li regulations coco long Xia Lei accompanied, mount to reed {langya} research the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot of chuzhou ordinance legislative work. Yan Ming, secretary of the party working committee and director of the management committee of langya mountain scenic spot accompanied the investigation.

The delegation paid a visit to the langya mountain scenic spot and spoke highly of the legislation of the regulations on langya mountain scenic spots and historic sites of chuzhou.

At the symposium, the investigation group heard the introduction of the legislative situation of "regulations on langya mountain scenic and historic interest area of chuzhou city" by zhang bin, deputy director of the langya mountain scenic and historic interest area of chuzhou city. The delegation inquired in detail about the management system, comprehensive law enforcement, construction project approval and ecological compensation mechanism of lang administrative committee. Responsible members of planning, construction, land and administrative law enforcement departments of lang administrative committee participated in the discussion and answered relevant questions.