Swimming is prohibited in scenic areas, and scenic legislation must be observed

Date: 2018-07-04 View: 57

As the summer weather is on the rise, to the reed {langya} mountain scenic area show the person in swimming in the lake, deep security is increasingly prominent, to effectively protect water sources, water quality in the scenic spot in swimming induced by all kinds of safety accident prevention, according to the requirements of establishing national civilized city, and the regulations on the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot of chuzhou, recently, the reed {langya} mountain the ac organize swimming rectification actions prohibited in the scenic spot, in the places resolutely stop swimming behavior.

5 o 'clock in the morning, the reed {langya} mountain tourism companies, post management committee enforcement, district police station, property company team consisting of rectification of patrolling the deep lake scenic spot, it found that more than ten show a figure on the lake if the shadow if now, law enforcement personnel according to the regulations on the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot of chuzhou rules, to "swim" in the lake guest to talk, to persuade the ashore, and patiently to the relevant laws and regulations, the hidden trouble in security analysis of the scenic area swimming and create the requirements of the national civilized city, but there are still a "swim" the guest is not aware of the harmfulness of own behavior, think "what swimming against the law, are locals, I'm familiar with the terrain here, I'm good at swimming, and I've never had an accident. In view of this point of view, law enforcement officers patiently advised and informed him that "such a habit of thinking is very dangerous. They think they are good at water and familiar with the terrain. But in fact, after the dredging project, the average water depth of shenxiu lake is about 3 meters, and there are many aquatic plants at the bottom of the lake.

In recent days, law enforcement officers have been educating and persuading more than 30 morning swimmers to stop. Next, post management committee will be according to the requirements of establishing national civilized city and the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot of chuzhou ordinance the provisions of article 29, article 37 "swim" in accordance with the law of offenders to pay 50 yuan of above 200 yuan fine record into the uncivilized behavior at the same time, through the Internet, television, newspapers and other media exposure to the uncivilized behavior, if the circumstances are serious will be included in the "blacklist" uncivilized tourism.

Here, the management committee of langya mountain appeals to all citizens: 2018 is not only the first year of chuzhou to establish a national civilized city, but also the key year of langya mountain to establish a 5A scenic spot. Reed {langya} mountain scenic area is public, is all good tourism habitats, hope the general public (tourists) in the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot will strictly abide by the regulations on the reed {langya} mountain scenic spot of chuzhou rules, uphold the concept of civilization tourism, please do not swim in scenic areas, fishing or destruction of aquatic plants, protect the reed {langya} mountain hills and green together.