Lang management committee holds special meeting to further implement regulations on scenic spots in langya mountain

Date: 2018-08-09 View: 78

On the afternoon of August 8, zhang bin, deputy director of the lang administrative committee, presided over a meeting to study the implementation of the regulations on mount langya scenic spot in one year since its promulgation.

The meeting first studied the regulations on mount langya scenic and historic interest area and discussed the amendments to articles 28 and 39 of the regulations. Afterwards, the relevant departments participating in the meeting made speeches on the difficulties and problems encountered in the implementation of the regulations on scenic spots in nirvana in fire during the past year.

Meeting requirements, to further strengthen the reed {langya} mountain scenic area regulations propaganda, each related department to read and understand the regulations spirit and to carry out daily work, at the same time, environmental protection, forestry land, planning, law enforcement and other relevant departments to form linkage mechanism, in strict accordance with the regulations to strengthen the management of reed {langya} mountain scenic area, effective protection and rational utilization.