Lang committee law enforcement bureau to stop the theft of tree seedlings tourists behavior

Date: 2018-09-26 View: 58

Situated in a transitional climate zone, nirvana in fire is of great value for ornamental and scientific research due to its diverse species of trees, flowers and plants. However, while appreciating the gift of nature, some tourists ignore the management regulations of the scenic spot and willfully trample on and steal the vegetation in the scenic spot.

During the Mid-Autumn festival on sept 22, law enforcement officers from the enforcement bureau of lang administrative committee found a male tourist stealing saplings from a nearby mountain at the north gate of the scenic spot.

Upon inquiry, the man was an out-of-town tourist. Seeing the sapling growing well, he wanted to take it home and plant it himself. The law enforcement personnel explained the regulations of "chuzhou langya mountain scenic and historic interest area regulations" on prohibiting the unauthorized collection of vegetation in the scenic spot with him patiently, so that he fully realized his mistake and took the initiative to plant the saplings back in the original place.

In this also called on the majority of tourists and scenic area management personnel to jointly assume the responsibility to protect the ecological scenic area, starting from their own, from now on, regulate behavior, civilized travel, and jointly maintain the beautiful environment of the scenic area.