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To enrich the content of the temple fair in langya mountain, standardize the management order of the temple fair, and ensure the safety and order of the temple fair. After studying and deciding by the temple fair headquarters in langya mountain, chuzhou city, the following announcement is made on the business operation and regional investment attraction of advertising space during the temple fair in langya mountain in 2019:

Temple fair 2019, in line with "unified planning, unified propaganda, unified investment, unified truss, ban allowed combined with" the principle of the reed {langya} mountain tourism development co, LTD in anhui province places in north visitor center parking area, wild aromatic area, the view to the RongYi shanshui hotel entrance area commercial stalls business, advertising and other commercial foreign merchants. Anhui yutianxia culture media co, LTD. Has obtained the right of investment attraction and management during the temple fair in langya mountain according to law through public bidding.

During the activity, the office of temple fair headquarters in langya mountain, chuzhou city will unify and standardize the commercial operation and public welfare publicity area. Without the authorization or permission of the temple fair headquarters, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy land for operation without permission. The non-motorized lanes on both sides of the road from the copper mine turntable to tongxin company will no longer set up sales areas such as commerce and fine food. The area will be closed and blocked during the period of solstice on February 3 and February 13.

Investment promotion tel: 13506195337(manager liu)

18962539015 (manager xiong)

Investment phone: 13855012970/18900505280(manager wang)17856036797 (manager shi)

Chuzhou langya mountain temple fair headquarters

January 21, 2019