Lang management committee held a special rectification and mobilization meeting for fire safety of the historic buildings and museums in langya mountain

Date: 2018-09-26 View: 200

Zhang bin, deputy director of the management committee of langya mountain, holds a mobilization meeting for the special rectification action on fire safety of the historic buildings and museums in langya mountain on sept 26, 2018. [photo/VCG] Officials from departments of langya mountain management committee, administrative law enforcement bureau of langya mountain management committee, state-owned forest farm of langya mountain and tourism company of langya mountain attended the meeting. During the meeting, comrade wang yu on behalf of the post management committee of cultural relics of the religious and convey FangHuoBan xi general secretary about the important instructions in the Brazilian museum fire, on September 13, building fire safety and museum of cultural relics of the state big screen TV conference call spirit and the provincial museum of cultural relics architecture, fire safety rectification work plan, reed {langya} the goats rectification of fire safety in the construction of cultural relics and museums check list screen scope, time node, work objectives, tasks, measures and work arrangement for the report. Zhang bin pointed out that the fire safety work of the cultural relics in langya mountain is an important part of the fire safety work in langya mountain scenic spot and also the focus of the recent "National Day golden week" safety work. The participating departments made statements. Finally, zhang stressed that all departments to deep draw on lessons learned Brazilian museum fire, according to the reed {langya} hill monument and museum special fire safety work plan deployment, strengthen measures to carry out the responsibility, increase the intensity of hidden perils and rectification, improve the fire safety prevention and control system, practical and comprehensive museums and cultural relic buildings on fire control safety inspection work, prevent historical tragedy.