The 2018 National Day holiday in langya mountain resort has come to a successful conclusion

Date: 2018-10-09 View: 241

The 2018 National Day holiday in langya mountain resort has come to a successful conclusion. Scenic spot of elaborate organization, the seven days holiday all staff hold position, with full enthusiasm, heart and soul into the tourism hospitality services work, around the main "good world" to welcome anhui publicity, advocate green travel, civilized travel, trip scenic reception with beautiful environment, orderly, festival atmosphere of festival good grades, made tourism service quality "safe, orderly, civilized and harmonious" goals.

National Day received a total of 110,000 tourists during the holiday. The data shows that the main source markets are from jiangsu, anhui, henan, Shanghai, shandong, zhejiang, jiangxi, sichuan, shaanxi and other places, with a certain regional expansion. Chuzhou tourists and non-local tourists each account for 50% of the source markets.

I. main features

1. Holiday economic tourism has played an obvious driving role due to the adjustment of ticket price.

2. Due to the opening of egret mountain villa, lake-watching station and other special foods, tourists' stay time and consumption have been extended and increased.

3. The strong growth of self-driving tourism is still obvious.

4. Expansion of tourist source market and promotion of tourism brand influence.

Ii. Main measures

1. Strengthen holiday organization and leadership

National Day tourism reception leading group was established to formulate and issue the 2018 National Day tourism reception work plan for langya mountain scenic spot. On the first day of National Day holiday, deputy mayor of chuzhou and director of public security bureau went to the scenic spot to inspect and guide the work. Before the festival, party committee member of scenic spot and deputy director of management committee presided over the convening of 2018 National Day golden week tourism reception mobilization meeting in langya mountain scenic spot. Scenic areas also through self-inspection, actively cooperate with the tourism, public security, traffic, fire protection, cultural insurance, vehicle quality supervision and other departments of the special inspection, cross-inspection, joint inspection and other ways to carry out scenic tourism market inspection work, to create a good tourism market environment.

2. Deepen tourism quality service

Around the tourism service quality improvement, first using the evening prime time to carry out the training "11" the National Day holiday, to carry out the good faith management, tourism commodity plain code marks a price, play a pioneer exemplary role of party members, organized more than 30 people volunteer service team, actively carry out "volunteer line 11 around reed {langya}, civilization" as the theme of the volunteer service activities.

3. Actively publicize the marketing market

By strengthening the connection with mainstream news media, we actively publicize and report National Day holiday tourism products, especially the interview and report of anhui TV's famous program "the first time", and create a festive atmosphere by combining local well-known websites BBS, weibo, WeChat, chattering and other we-media. Take advantage of the large LED screen and bulletin board of scenic spots to actively publicize the price reduction adjustment information of scenic spots and increase the popularity and market expectation of scenic spots.

4. Enrich festival tourism products

Scenic spots around the "anhui, welcome in the world" theme, launched the "garden, the dressing up in ancient qi reed {langya}" good fortune as the theme of a series of colorful celebration activities, between mountains and reed {langya} "retro" visitors, whether can you feel the satrap ouyang xiu in those days "every business in the pavilion", Jane benevolent governance of the "landscape" wide "like people who" drunk weng feelings? The signature wall of civilized tourism was set up in xingyuan square of the drunkard pavilion to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. The signatures and messages expressed the deep wishes of the tourists for the prosperity of the motherland and their love for the green mountains in nirvana in fire. In the wild fangyuan scenic area to carry out guzheng performance activities, to promote the launch of langya local wine tasting. The scene with nirvana in fire features hand-made bamboo weaving, exquisite sugar paintings and lingering gingerbread candy.