Lang management committee actively docking city traffic police detachment planning scenic area east gate area vehicle management

Date: 2018-11-04 View: 235

November 13 morning, according to the November 12 standing committee of the municipal committee of the communist party of China, the minister of publicity li shu investigation langya mountain rongyi landscape hotel site instructions spirit, lang administrative committee law enforcement bureau director, chuangcheng office deputy director wang qian-bing rate law enforcement bureau, chuangcheng office personnel to the city traffic police detachment planning east gate area vehicle management.

At the intersection of guanjing road, wang qianbing and zhu peng, instructor of the second brigade of the municipal traffic patrol detachment, carefully surveyed the road section and discussed the plan together. They believed that the establishment of national civilized city and national 5A tourist scenic spot both needed to strengthen the vehicle management of guanjing road. Zhu peng proposed that the section should make use of both sides of the road according to local conditions, adhere to the principle of "should be delimited", improve the parking function, and speed up the standard management.

Later, wang qian-bing and zhu peng also gave on-site guidance on the vehicle management of the cemetery in langya mountain.