Nirvana in fire mountain scenic spot welcomes the "five elders" to see the "creation of the city" research group

Date: 2018-11-16 View: 1620

In order to give full play to the role of the "five elders" and mobilize the "five elders" to pay attention to, support, participate in and help the creation of the city, the "five elders" organized by the municipal work committee to see the "creation of the city" activities of the second group of 13 old comrades on the morning of November 15 visited the langya mountain scenic spot. Li guoliang, deputy researcher of the municipal tourism bureau, liu nanchuan, deputy researcher of the lang management committee and other relevant personnel accompanied by the municipal party committee veteran cadres bureau.

The delegation visited the north gate tourist service center, the public toilet and the scenic area. After visiting the tourist service center at the north gate and the public toilet at the drunkard pavilion, the old comrades were full of praise for the new hardware facilities and convenient functions. In front of song xinzhai's stone tablet, liu nanchuan told the old comrades about the process and anecdotes of the preparation of the scenic spot.

On the symposium, the old comrades watched the propaganda video of "chu is not unique", li guoliang and liu nanchuan reported the work of the tourism industry to build the national civilized city, the national 5A scenic spot in langya mountain and the work of the national civilized city. Subsequently, the old comrades have spoken about feelings, Suggestions. Recalling the development course of chuzhou in recent years, li tian said it is an earth-shaking change, especially nirvana in fire. Mr Li said he hoped authorities would step up publicity efforts to make the card brighter and push it further.

Lu jieshan, huang zhongxian, hua qichang, zheng chuanxin, ren xinghua, hua xinxiang, gan yufu, Chen huafu, xiang guanghua, li guohua and tang chuanlong also took part in the survey.