Mayor xu jiwei went into langya mountain to investigate 5A construction and tourism project construction

Date: 2018-11-20 View: 204

On November 19, in the afternoon, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Xu Jiwei in-depth reed {langya} mountain scenic spot research to tourism projects construction and 5 a create, municipal committee, vice mayor jin li, city secretary telephoto righteousness in city finance bureau, city transportation bureau, municipal regulations construction committee, city tourism bureau, the municipal post accompanied by management committee and other department is mainly responsible for research.

Xu Jiwei line has research the northward visitor center, the scenic spot tour trails, zuiweng pavilion scenic area, with park scenic area, tracing and marathon race projects, tourism toilet, along the way to listen to the post management committee about 5 a create report, ask for details of the reed {langya} mountain scenic area and the gap between 5 a-class scenic area and the scenic area traffic and tourism revenues, and so on and so forth.

In the drunkold pavilion scenic spot, xu jiwei on the safety of the scenic spot, participatory project construction, etc, gave the guiding opinions, xu jiwei pointed out that the research tourism market space is broad, to the depth of the pavilion culture, around the research tourism articles. In the same park area, xu jiwei listened to the preparation of the Chinese pavilion fraternity and "ouyang xiuzhichu" shooting and release of the report, and made clear instructions for the above work.

In the garden project construction site, Xu Jiwei details about project construction, put into operation, marketing and driving test center relocation, etc, Xu Jiwei hope scenic spot in the garden project operation prior to invite the major travel agencies and social media discussion and on line, increase marketing efforts, build atmosphere for the normal operations of the late project, and ask the driving test center partial relocation finished by the end of 19 years. After surveying the marathon track, xu jiwei had a detailed understanding of the construction of the marathon track and the source of funds, and fully affirmed the newly planned projects of flying over the jungle, rafting on the second river and mountain marathon track around the langya mountain scenic spot.

During the process of research, Xu Jiwei require departments to prepare to surrounding the development of tourism service facilities planning, the construction of scenic spots around a group of organic projects, such as specification according to uniform standard management, do a good job in tourism market analysis, take a variety of incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of travel agents, into the "big jiangbei" actively, increase the intensity of tourism marketing, attracting tourists around cities such as nanjing, thereby giving impetus to the development of the whole chuzhou tourism market.