Lang management committee quickly implemented the party secretary zhang xiangan survey nirvana in langshan 5A work to create the spirit of the speech

Date: 2018-07-18 View: 225

On the morning of July 17th, yan Ming, secretary of the party working committee and director of the management committee of langya mountain scenic spot, presided over a meeting to implement the spirit of the speech made by zhang xiang 'an, secretary of the municipal party committee, when he investigated the 5A building work of langya mountain in the afternoon of July 16th. Lang management committee leadership team all members, lang management committee law enforcement bureau, the head of the tourism company attended the meeting.

At the meeting, yan Ming conveyed in detail the spirit of secretary zhang xiangan's speech when he was investigating the establishment of 5A in langya mountain. Meeting the need for municipal party committee municipal government put forward urgent involving scenic area scenic area on the dynamic pressure 5 a to create, civilization, system reform, building project, proposed projects, problems left over by history, investment and financing mechanism, the mechanism of rewards and punishments scheduling, travel product research and development, generalizes the problems such as marketing, project planning and implementation, clear leadership and responsibility department time node, responsibility, requirements within the prescribed time, take out the implementation plan and specific measures.

The meeting stressed that the establishment of national 5A scenic spot in langya mountain should be regarded as the "no. 1 project" for the development of the scenic spot, and the internal and external repairs should be done as well. Langya mountain will be listed on the list of the first national 5A scenic spot reviewed by the ministry of culture and tourism since its establishment, so as to give a satisfactory answer to the municipal party committee and the municipal government. It is planned to transform the langya mountain into a real tourism area in two to three years and develop the 251.3 square kilometers into a real tourism area in three to five years. The meeting required the new team members to work with one heart and one mind and strive to lead the cadres and workers in langya mountain to build the scenic spot into a leading tourism and service-oriented economy demonstration area of chuzhou.