Zuiweng Pavilion

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ZuiWeng Pavilion, together with Beijing Taoran Pavilion, Changsha Evening Pavilion and Hangzhou Huxin Pavilion, ranks first among the four famous pavilions. Founded in the Song Dynasty Qingli six years (1046). It is a Soviet-style eaves pavilion, carved beams and painted pillars, all wooden falcons structure, 16 pillars supporting the top of the pavilion, eaves and cornices, Xieshan style, Qingwa pavilion, beast-kissing ridges, South and North frame doors, green brick pavement, four pillars in the middle hanging couplets: "Drinking is not much, how can you be drunk, you still call yourself Weng Shiyulian"; there is Xue Shiyulian couplet in the pavilion, the upper couplet: "When Weng was drunk, he wanted to draw into the mountain when he was drunk." Family members of birds and birds, what's wrong with an official's condemnation? Let's face the wind with wine. Only Fan Xiwen can prove it. Xia Lian: "I come to the overlooking place, the piano is silent, the soul of plum never returns; 10 mu Artemisia rebuilds, the stele picks moss, but Su Changgong's ink survives forever." There are wooden fences around the pavilion pillars, chairs and tea tables built on the fences for visitors to have a rest.

Ouyang Xiu, built by Ouyang Xiu who was demoted to Chuzhou, is a political setback. But he can face it calmly and optimistically. He is also intoxicated with the beautiful scenery of "Chu Jun Shan". Chang Che is a member of the family who stays in the Langya Mountains and enjoys the people of the prefecture and becomes a historical story. The monk Zhixian respected and admired Ou Gong's academic articles and moral character. He built a pavilion in the mountains to help him to visit the mountains. Ou Gong took "ZuiWeng" as the pavilion's name, and created the famous literary work "ZuiWeng Pavilion Records" for thousands of years. Since then, Ouyang Xiu and his friends often come to this banquet, "Taishou and guests drink here, less drunk, and the highest age, so they call themselves ZuiWeng Ye", ZuiWeng Pavilion so named; Ouyang Xiu not only in this banquet, but also in this office, there is a monument on the Dongshan Wall as evidence: "For political affairs, happy New Year, every official in the pavilion. Spring incense bird language is still the same, who is too stubborn like a drunken man.

On the eastern slope of the pavilion, there are three big characters of the stone inscription seal book "ZuiWeng Pavilion" on the cliffs of the Southern Song Dynasty. The sleeping stone resembles a drunken old man, lying recumbent.