Langya Temple

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One of the national key temples was built in the sixth year of the Tang Dynasty (AD 771) by Li Youqing and the Shushan Law. At that time, Li Youqing and the monk of the French monk reported the sketches of the temple to the emperor's dream of the first night of the emperor's dream. In the temple, he saw the drawings the next day. The emperor was overjoyed and said that he was consistent with the temple in the dream, so he immediately gave the name "Baoying Temple", meaning "The emperor's dream is fulfilled." Baoying is also the year of the Emperor of the Emperor, so the temple was built as a royal temple at the beginning of the temple. After the Baoying Temple was renamed as “Kai Shi Lushan Kaihua Temple”, during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, the lawyer of the Qing Dynasty changed the name of the temple to “Kai Shi Lushan Kaihua Law Temple”. There is a sect in Buddhism that specializes in research, conduct and impart discipline. The "Law of the Law", also known as Nanshan Zong. Lawyers are the masters who study the discipline. The temple has been a lawyer since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. In 1915, Da Xiu rebuilt the Kaihua Temple, which was later used as the name of the temple.