Launching Ceremony of "Healthy China Travel-Scientific Fitness" Activity

Date: 2018-08-08 View: 954

On the morning of August 8, the launching ceremony of "Healthy China Travel - Scientific Fitness" was held at the North Gate Tourist Center of Langya Mountain. Zhang Bin, Deputy Director of Language Management Committee, attended the launching ceremony.

This activity takes "scientific fitness" as the theme, and publicizes 66 items of health literacy, 42 items of health literacy of traditional Chinese medicine, three-minus-three-health, sunshine sports, staff sports, women's fitness, self-help and mutual rescue knowledge to tourists and citizens in the form of exhibition boards. Langyashan Scenic Spot organizes more than 30 volunteers from Leifeng University to maintain on-site order and provide logistical support. Free clinics and consultation service points were set up on the scene of the ceremony, and experts from municipal and district medical and health units provided free consultation, health free clinics and publicity materials for tourists and citizens.

After the launching ceremony, the guests attending the ceremony went to Langya Mountain to take part in the fitness walking race.