Langyashan's "Taishou" elemental literary products have won great popularity

Date: 2018-03-19 View: 246

Every day, there will be tourists from all over the country in Langya Mountain, among which foreign friends are not in the minority. On the afternoon of March 17, the "Taishou" element of Wenchuan products, which were first registered in Langyashan Mountain, attracted the attention of foreign friends. They were very interested in "Taishou" Wenchuang Redwood U-disk and Redwood Bookmark. At the same time, the salesman of the commercial and trade company showed them and introduced the specific performance of the products. He also gave a detailed introduction to the long history and culture of Langyashan Mountain. He was highly praised by foreign friends and said that he liked the purchase of the products very much.

At present, in the tourist commodity sales area of the tourist center, besides the local unique food and daily necessities, the most eye-catching is the various "Taishou" elements of creative products with Langyashan's own characteristics and creativity, which attract a large number of tourists to stop to watch and buy every day.

With the development of a series of cultural experience activities, "Taishou Welcome You" in Chuzhou, the "Taishou" element of literary creation has become a unique product with experience as the essence and culture as the main line. It has not only been loved and affirmed by people all over the country, but also foreign friends have become loyal fans of "Taishou".