"Taishou Banquet" goes through the Millennium together

Date: 2018-04-12 View: 226

The organizer of the event in Chuzhou Junjia Hotel has carefully customized a "Taishou Banquet" for the big cafes, accompanied by the sound of silk bamboo and children, "Taishou" invites guests and friends through the millennium to enjoy the wine.

Ao Tao's article "Drunken Weng Pavilion", "Drunken Weng Pavilion", "Drunken Weng Pavilion", "Drunken Weng Pavilion", "Drunken Weng Pavilion", "Drunken Weng Pavilion" and "Over-feast" opened a trip to Langyashan Mountain. When you come to Chuzhou, you must enjoy a "Over-feast". Natural cooking, creative design, there is a great sense of eating Manchu and Han whole table, drunk man does not care about wine, also care about banquet Junxin. The delicate and delicious Taishou banquet impressed Shanghai's @Fengzihong.

The @river_2014 River, also from Shanghai, is also full of sighs after tasting the Taishou banquet: "Langyashan in Chuzhou is famous for its drunken Weng Pavilion. In order to inherit the delicacies of the Song Dynasty, Chuzhou also developed the Taishou Banquet. The delicacies in the mountains all coincide with the allusions and elegance of The Drunken Ong Pavilion. They are both healthy and ritual. When matched with the local drunk Ong Pavilion wine, it is sure that the drunk Ong Pavilion does not care about wine.