"Drunken Beauty" Langya Mountain Charm Chuzhou City

Date: 2017-12-21 View: 272

Comrade in charge of the 5A Founding Office of the Langyashan Management Committee introduced that since the 5A Founding Work was carried out, Langyashan has been deeply aware of the need to promote the transformation of scenic area management from traditional management to modern management, and to promote the concept of humanized and detailed service. For this reason, Langyashan scenic area has put forward a new model of "wisdom + service" and "data + management" for scenic area management and service.

"Wisdom + Service": Provide the convenience of raising hands for tourists. Last year, the scenic spot has been fully covered with 4G mobile phone signals and free WIFI signals. Visitors can visit the scenic spot through Weiguan and Weixin Public Number at any time to inquire about the relevant information of the scenic spot. They can also search the information of accommodation, tourism and transportation around the scenic spot conveniently and quickly on the multi-media touch screen of the tourist center. Besides, you can also rent the headphones of the accompanying voice guide to automatically accept the introduction of scenic spots along the way. Humanized service means not to let tourists feel rigid service. At present, Langyashan Scenic Area has established a set of tourism service system from visitors to leave the park. Tourists can visit the scenic area conveniently and independently.

"Data + Management": Make use of information platform to strengthen management. The popularity of "self-driving travel, free travel" puts forward higher requirements for scenic area management, not only to "invisible" when tourists travel independently, but also to "appear" in time when tourists need it, which requires more comprehensive data support and more powerful management methods. To this end, Langyashan started the construction of intelligent scenic spots. Through video surveillance system, entrance and exit management system, disaster alarm system, visitor flow density monitoring system, electronic patrol inspection system and other modules, the command center can conduct a unified dispatch of tour guides, touring car drivers, security personnel, toilet cleaners and other personnel, so as to grasp all kinds of scenic spots timely, accurately and comprehensively. Tourist data can realize the quantitative and dynamic management of various human resources, such as tourist guides, health, security, rescue, complaints and so on. It can maximize the efficiency of management and control and improve the level of detailed service.

In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is pointed out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Culture revitalizes the country and prospers, culture strengthens the nation and nation strengthens. Langya Mountain has a long history and profound culture. It has not only the cliff inscriptions and stele inscriptions of Langya Mountain from Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China (the national key cultural relics protection unit), the temples of Tang Dynasty, Langya Temple, Drunken Weng Pavilion of Song Dynasty, Fengle Pavilion and many ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, but also the tangible assets of Li Youqing, Wei Yingwu, Ouyang Xiu, Zeng Gong, Wang Anshi, Sushi, Xin Qiji and Song Dynasty. There are a lot of intangible resources left by Lian, Wang Yangming, Yuan Mei, Wen Zhengming, Fang Ling Confucianism and Xu Beihong. Therefore, from the cultural point of view, Langyashan innovates marketing methods, takes "four-hour theme activities" as the main line, innovates series of self-Media marketing, theme activities, self-driving travel products and other forms to expand the influence of tourism market in Langyashan scenic spot.

Since the establishment of 5A, Langyashan Management Committee has placed humanistic tourism in a prominent position, relying on a long and profound cultural accumulation, devoted all efforts to create a brand of "drunken beauty" Langyashan humanistic tourism. One is to build a good platform. Cooperating with other well-known domestic websites such as Ctrip, TuiNiu, local portals and scenic spot e-commerce websites, we have completed the construction of Langyashan tourism website, Weixin public number, micro-blog, relying on new media, TV broadcasting, newspaper advertisement and other forms, and formed Langyashan tourism propaganda platform. The situation of "fan economy" has emerged. The second is to "run activities well". Since its founding, Langyashan has sponsored or co-sponsored national activities such as the first "Drunken Weng Ting Ji" scenic spot class study tour, the Yihang Conference around Langyashan Mountain, the 2016 Chuzhou International Marathon and the first Chinese Pavilion Culture and Gardenology Symposium, which have been reported by nearly 100 well-known media in China. In addition, the Millennium Temple Fair of Langyashan (Anhui intangible cultural heritage) and "Langyashan Mountain" Fourth Time Beautiful Landscape Photography Competition and other "reserved programs" have also received widespread social attention through continuous renovation. The third is to "do a good job in exhibition". The Pavilion culture exhibition hall is built in Xieqiu Pavilion of Drunken Weng Pavilion Scenic Area, and the wine culture museum is set up in Xingxinzhai to focus on displaying the Chinese "wine" culture and "pavilion" culture, enriching the cultural tourist atmosphere of the scenic area. In addition, from the beginning of visitors'entry, the tourist's "tourist experience" is highlighted from the aspects of the scenic area atmosphere, service details, special appliances, instructions and staff language. It shows the cultural characteristics of Langya Mountain. These measures have greatly enhanced the brand awareness and market influence of Langyashan, and won the titles of "China Forest Oxygen Bar", "Anhui Provincial Research Travel Base" and "China Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base".

Comrade in charge of the 5A Establishment Office of the Langyashan Administrative Committee said that the establishment of the 5A National Tourism Scenic Spot in Langyashan is not only related to the future development of the tourism industry in Langyashan, but also to the strategic plan of the Chuzhou Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government to "cultivate tourism as an important pillar industry, develop tourism in the whole region, and create a humanistic Eastern Anhui" to fill the blank of the 5A-level tourism scenic spot in eastern Anhui Province. It is of great significance. A hundred feet pole head goes further. Next step, the creation of 5A in Langya Mountain will be developed in depth. After the completion of the construction of large projects, the project will be "carefully carved" and "integrated into Langya Mountain".

The Nineteenth National Congress has sounded the horn of rapid development of tourism, and a new era of tourism development has arrived. Langyashan hopes to make due contributions to the great vision of "a better life for the people" by creating national 5A tourist attractions, seizing the development opportunities of the new era. (Alpine/Wen)